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I figured I'd start blogging a bit, here and there. So here goes blog post number one. If I get more confident at this, maybe I'll start a podcast and take over the world! Well, ok, one step at a time.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Old Car City in White County, GA, just 45 minutes from my house. I met up with a good friend and dynamite graphic design artist, Pete Collins and a new friend but someone who's photography I have admired for years now, the legendary landscape nature photographer Bill Fortney. What a cool and utterly unique place Old Car City is! There are over 4,000 vintage rusted cars and trucks scattered over 36 acres. This ain't your typical junkyard! 

Well anyhow, for a photographer, the place is rich with colors and textures, as you can see in the these various shots. There's just something about old things that make photographers giddy to dial in the camera and push the shutter button. I think I've discovered just what that is.

Looks like a band tour bus after a 40 city tour. I should know. 

Looks like a band tour bus after a 40 city tour. I should know. 

Old, vintage, antique, classic. These words usually imply that there is a story and story is something we human beings kind of live for. If I give you a choice between a framed picture of a brand new Chevy Silverado and a framed shot of a 1938 Chevy truck, which one are you going to decorate your room with? That's easy, huh? (unless you're one of those 'push a Ford' folks) It's because that 1938 model has been places. It's been through decades and seen multiple owners. There have been countless conversations in it. There have likely been countless men leaning down into the engine bay to tune the carburetor, change the spark plugs, etc. It's hauled firewood and furniture and families. There are stories remembered and shared about the truck and stories no one will ever know. It has history and it has grit. The wear and tear, the bumps and bruises, dents and scratches give it character. Thus, it makes for a great piece of art, much more so than it's brand new counterpart, which will someday tell it's own stories I guess. 


If your'e ever in Atlanta and your'e into old cars, you've gotta make a trip to Old Car City. Even you're iPhone will not disappoint with the photos you can capture. Plus, the place is just downright cool! 


A few more of my favorites...

A can of Fix-a-Flat and she's good to go!

A can of Fix-a-Flat and she's good to go!

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